Emma Beauty Box: 6 creams with Olive Oil and Red Grape (2 face mask, 1 eye contour, 2 exfoliating gel and 1 anti-aging cream)

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Emma natural beauty

An exclusive box of 6 Casa Emma’s creams with Olive Oil and Red Grape. Two for face and décolletè, rich in antioxidants and soothing active ingredients, suitable for all the skin types. Since the first application, the product gives brightness restoring elasticity and firmness. Olive Oil, Red Grape extract and Aloe Vera exert an intense noushiring, moisturizing and revitalizing actions, contrasting aging processes. One eye contour with a soft texture and nutrient, suitable as “primer” to be applied before the make-up. Suitable for all skin types and, in particular, for the stressed one, the product provides immediate hydratation and firmness, thanks to the Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, extracts of Red Grape, Acmelia Oleracea, African Kigelia and Quillaja Saponaria. The Skin appears smooth and moisturized from the first application. Two exfoliating product with abrasive microspheres dispersed in a gel showing purifying and normalizing effects. It gently exfoliates the facial skin, giving it brightness, trasparency and vitality. The antioxidant action of the extract of Red Grape leaves the skin radianti and silky. One anti-aging cream with Olive Oil and Red Grape, useful to restore the natural barrier function and chemical stress. The natural antioxidant Vitamin E prevents the destructive action of free radicals; the extract of seeds of Lupine increases the synthesis of type 1 Collagen useful to the firmness and elasticity to the skin.